Neck Pain

Because your neck is very much like a busy bridge, it is responsible for facilitating a smooth flow of millions of impulses between the brain and the rest of the body. Its design to supports the significant weight of the head which is equivalent to the weight of a bowling ball. As a result, any disruption of this bridge will cause major traffic jams accompanied by flared tempers.



Two types of trauma are the common cause of neck problem. The most obvious mechanism is a major force or “macro-trauma” resulting from things like auto accidents or sports injuries. The second is “micro-trauma” which is a repetitive, low impact type of injury. This kind of trauma is commonly caused by poor posture and overuse. Poor ergonomics while using the computer, watching TV, sleeping or even texting often leads to the dysfunction.

Consequentially, chiropractors care for primarily sprains, strains and chronic pain as a result of micro and macro-trauma. Dr. Howard will perform the required exam so we can determine what is causing the neck pain. In addition, it will help us rule out more serious causes of pain. X-rays and/or other diagnostic tools may be prescribed in order to rule out pathology or permanent damage to the underlying structure.

Dr. Howard will determine the extent injury as well as the likelihood of a positive outcome to chiropractic. Next, a treatment plan including spinal manipulation designed to help restore the proper motion of vertebral joints will be recommended. Many times these joints are “locked up” much like a rusty bolt and they need specific adjustments to help free the joint thereby restoring a more natural motion of the cervical spine. Most importantly and much like the rusty bolt, the joints will continue to decay if left untreated. As a result, the condition will be more difficult to treat.

Chiropractic Care for neck pain relief is a safe effective treatment.  Why suffer any longer?  Call South Lake Spine and Injury for pain relief today!

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